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Chevron Houston Marathon Volunteer Group

Sunday, January 14, 2018
7:00 am12:00 pm
18.5 Mile Refueling Station
Chevron Houston Marathon Volunteer Group

The Houston Wellness Project is in charge of the 18.5-mile refueling station this year! The more volunteers we get the more money we earn for our organization. Not running the marathon, come help us out. Guaranteed good time! Click on the sign-up link to get started.

Please note: “I am part of the group” box must be checked and your group is selected in the drop-down menu. Please choose HOUSTON WELLNESS PROJECT as the group you are with and make sure you are signed up for the 18.5-mile refueling station (the join code is wellness and that should pull up the 18.5-mile refueling station so you don't have to search for it). If you choose something other than the 18.5-mile refueling station it won't count for us and won't help us. We must all be signed up for the same spot.

Let's have some fun cheering on our fellow free 5k'ers who are running!